Complete Python Roadmap for Beginners in 2023

Python Roadmap for Beginners

What is python?

  • Python is an interpreted high-level programming language, which is rapidly growing nowadays.
  • It has only fewer steps when compared to Java and C.
  • It was founded in 1991 by developer Guido Van Rossum.

Learn Python Basics

╰┈➤ Syntax
╰┈➤ Variables
╰┈➤ Operators
╰┈➤ Loop
╰┈➤ Condition
╰┈➤ Function

Python Intermediate Level

╰┈➤ Object Oriented Programming
╰┈➤ Data Structures
╰┈➤ File Handling
╰┈➤ Error and Exception Handling
╰┈➤ Custom Exception

Python Advanced Level

╰┈➤ Working with modules
╰┈➤ Decorators
╰┈➤ Lambda Functions
╰┈➤ Comprehension
╰┈➤ SQLite Database
╰┈➤ API

Learn about Git/Github

╰┈➤ Version Control System
╰┈➤ Code Management
╰┈➤ Understanding Git/GitHub
╰┈➤ Preparing Github Repositories
╰┈➤ Uploading Projects on Github

Do some Python Projects

╰┈➤ Calender
╰┈➤ Alarm Clock with GUI
╰┈➤ Web Scrapper
╰┈➤ Bacon Desktop Apps
╰┈➤ Python Snake Game

Many Students and Developers are looking forward to learn Python language first because of its high demand in the field and the market.

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